The Mutombo Coffee™ Story​

We were inspired to launch Mutombo Coffee with beans sourced from Africa for two reasons. Firstly, we get to introduce you to our delicious African coffee while supporting farms where a majority are led by women. These women are the glue in the families and readily invest back into their communities. Secondly, we help our local partners bring you coffee sourced from farms and cooperatives using sustainable and fair-trade practices.

We proudly invest in projects that improve the economic sustainability of the African coffee farming communities where we source our beans.

The road to bring you our specialty coffee is truly a labor of love for me and my Mutombo Coffee family. And, we wholeheartedly invite you to partake in a uniquely delicious cup and share our coffee journey with us.

With coffee love,


Dark Chocolate Caramel - Decaf - Mutombo Coffee
OUR WOMEN IN COFFEE INITIATIVE AIMS to improve the well-being of female coffee farmers by offering their delicious, locally grown and harvested premium coffees to the world.