Mutombo Coffee Founder Dikembe Mutombo Standing With D.K. Metcalf In Legendary Photo Putting Size In Perspective

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf is a very large human being. He is one of the biggest players at his position and amongst the strongest in the league. And yet, his size and stature is insignificant compared to that of Dikembe Mutumbo.

Metcalf stands 6-foot-4, 230 pounds. He has a 6-foot-10 & 7/8ths wingspan and his hands stretch 9 & 7/8ths inches. To put that number in perspective, the average American man over the age of 20 weighs 197.9 pounds and the average height is just over 5-foot-9, according to Healthline. Metcalf towers over the average American man and weighs a good 30 pounds (of pure muscle) more.

Despite the fact that Metcalf is an abnormally massive person with freak athleticism, he is dwarfed by NBA legend Dikembe Mutumbo.Mutumbo, a first-ballot Hall of Famer, is 7-foot-2, 260 pounds. Although his hand size is not listed, they must be amongst the biggest in the world.Mutumbo and Metcalf recently took a photo together and it really puts things in perspective. Mutumbo somehow makes Metcalf look small — and not just a little bit smaller than he is, but actually small.