Mutombo Coffee Research: Drinking coffee boosts physical activity levels

Academics from the University of California found that people who frequently drink the heavily caffeinated beverage complete 1,000 more steps per day compared to non-coffee drinkers. The team of researchers examined 100 participants for two weeks to assess their average coffee consumption, sleeping patterns and overall health.

Dr Marcus and his team examined the participants through a range of different wearable gadgets, such as a constant recording ECG monitor, wrist-worn sensors and devices to measure blood sugar levels.Dr Marcus said: “More physical activity, which appears to be prompted by coffee consumption, has numerous health benefits, such as reduced risks of type 2 diabetes and several cancers, and is associated with greater longevity.

He added: “These results highlight the complex relationship between coffee and health.”

This study was presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2021.

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